Meth Awareness: Some Facts and Statistics

November 30th is National Meth Awareness Day, an important day to remind everyone, especially those who suffer from the addiction what Meth can do to you. Even today, it remains one of the most dangerous drug addictions that are out there.

On this Meth Awareness day, we at Stephouse Recovery will provide you with information on this drug, the addiction and what can be done to treat it before it is too late.

Meth: What it Does

The drug Meth, or Methamphetamine, is a stimulant type of drug that increases certain activities and functions in the brain. The biggest reaction is the rise of dopamine in the brain which is a chemical messenger in the brain that links to pleasure. Because of these elevated levels they can cause the person using it to develop a “high”, a sort of euphoric sense of pleasure. Because of this feeling and wanting to experience it again over and over this drug is extremely addicting.

However, like with many drugs, the feeling doesn’t last and once the meth wears off the user experiences a “crash”, where they suddenly feel anxious, fatigued or depressed. Because of this, many meth addicts binge on the drug to prolong the effect of the “high” leading to drug dependence. This dependence can make the addict feel as though they need to keep taking meth as much as they need air to breathe.

Long-Term use of Meth can have permanent effects on the brain, specifically the dopamine-producing cells and the serotonin-containing cells. This can lead to permanent mental disorders and sometimes permanent psychosis for some users.

Another rather frightening side effect is physical changes like the rapid tooth decay called “meth mouth”, skin sores, weight loss, and infections.

Meth users can also develop emotional and psychological issues such as:

  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Trouble with verbal learning
  • Violent Outbursts
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Paranoia
  • Confusion
  • Distractibility
  • Difficulty Sleeping
  • Movement, motor, and coordination issues
  • Mood disturbances
  • Visual and auditory hallucinations
  • Delusions

Meth Awareness: Best Course of Treatment

Meth addicts can be dangerous to themselves and others without proper treatment. The longer a meth addiction lasts the greater the need for long-term treatment. Depending on the amount of dependence an addict has withdrawals can be very difficult to overcome and require a prolonged detox regime.

In general, the sooner someone with a Meth Addiction gets enrolled in treatment the better chances at long-term sobriety. For addicts who are currently being processed by the legal system, alternative sentencing programs that get addicts into rehab are better than simple incarceration. They get the help they need and it saves money on tax dollars.

Meth Awareness: Best Course of Treatment

StepHouse Recovery has proven success in Meth Addiction treatment programs. With our one-on-one therapy treatments and proven detoxification programs, our clients are eased into the process of regaining and maintain their sobriety.

If you want to find out more about our programs or would like to reach out to us please call us at (888) 923-7623.


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