Alternative Sentencing in Orange County
Our primary concern with alternative sentencing is to provide care for the client and accountability for the courts. 

We have managed many sentencing cases from across the nation, successfully placing clients in our drug and alcohol recovery programs. With the help of our bail bonds expert, Chad Conley, we can help get you out of handcuffs and jail, and into Rehab with a GPS unit. Our facilities offer a high standard of care and protocol, thereby insuring the best possible care. Courts from across the country rely on the reputation and effectiveness of StepHouse Recovery Alternative Sentencing Programs as a sentencing option. Our commitment to clients extends well beyond the courtroom.

We work directly with individuals, families and their attorneys, as well as various departments within the legal system to make sure all parties are in compliance with all court orders and directives. Without the weight of a harsh sentence, the defendant all the more easily focus on recovery and build a foundation for progress. By retaining the services of StepHouse Recovery, the defense attorney can focus their energies on the legal aspects of the case, while the court can be assured that each client is under supervision and receiving the most appropriate care. If you have been charged with a crime – whether it’s a DUI arrest or a more serious offense, contact us today to see if you eligible for an alternative sentencing program.

The Benefits of Alternative Sentencing

  • Choosing a rehabilitation program in place of incarceration can help save taxpayers money by helping drug addiction offenders out of the prison system and stay clean and sober. A study from the Research Triangle Institute found that 150 felony offenders in a drug treatment program in Brooklyn, New York found that rehabilitation had saved the New York City system over $7 million.
  •  Throughout the United States , the criminal justice system is overloaded with drug-related cases. Nonviolent drug cases and offenders are directed out of the criminal justice system so that attention is diverted to other types of more serious crimes. 
  • Individuals who enroll in rehabilitation programs are allowed to get the underlying or root cause of their drug-related offense instead of worsening the problem by sending nonviolent cases to straight to jail. When it comes to mass incarceration, we have the highest recidivism rate in history, and 75 percent of substance abuse offenders have a history of mental illness.
  • Alternative sentencing lets offenders remain in the community, where they can continue to work, take care of their loved ones and make a contribution to society.
  • Outpatient drug rehab programs may benefit the offender’s family by allowing children to continue having regular contact with their parents.

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