In addition to providing information about our treatment programs and services, our webpage serves as an educational or informational resource on a number of substance abuse and behavioral health-related topics. Below you will find a wide variety of areas to be explored. Our resource page will give you a better understanding of addiction, mental illnesses, and the complex relationship between the two; help you minimize your out-of-pocket payment obligations; help you rebuild bridges with loved once after battling addiction and so much more.

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All of our resources have been evaluated by addiction experts, from finding the right treatment to making important decisions about your or your loved one’s recovery, these tools can help.

We address each client from a holistic perspective, which is why we consider not only the patient’s addiction, but how factors such as environment, health, lifestyle, and any co-occurring mental health disorders play a part both in your addiction as well as your recovery. Our program is therefore designed to address physical, social, educational and occupational needs as well as the illness itself.

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