Intervention Assistance

What are Interventions?

Do you need intervention help? Does someone you love need help, but are not willing to go through with getting the intervention help they need on their own? Staging an intervention is the most loving thing family and friends can do.

Anytime someone needs help but refuses to accept it, a family intervention is appropriate, which can be done in a respectful and non-confrontational manner.

IMPORTANT! Family interventions are difficult and delicate matters. It is very important that they are done properly. No family intervention should be undertaken without advice and counsel of a professional experienced in the intervention process.

A family intervention can be used for people engaged in any self-destructive behavior, such as:

  • Alcohol Abuse and Addiction
  • Drug Abuse and Addiction
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sex Addictions
  • Gambling Addictions
  • Inappropriate or Risky Behaviors

Interventions and Your Family

Because each family situation is different, the scope and approach to each intervention help must vary accordingly. What is practical and appropriate for one family may not be for another.

Often a family intervention occurs in the person’s home, or occasionally in a professional’s office.

For example, some family interventions require several weeks of preparation, others can be done in a few hours or days. Others have a designated “intervention day” on which a formal intervention occurs, others not. Some family intervention help has a professional leader present, but many do not.

Some are a surprise, others are not. Sometimes a great deal of family education takes place before the intervention, in others it takes place afterward.

If you would like to stage an intervention for a loved one, please contact us or call one of StepHouse Recovery’s friendly staff at (888) 923-7623.