Sober Coaching and Companions

Sober coaching and companions fill in the gaps between the recovering individual and their communities. They help personalize the sobriety process, addressing treatment needs on a personal level.

What is Sober Coaching and Companions Purpose?

Sober coaching creates a bridge between the individual and their sobriety communities (such as 12-Step meetings, therapists, churches, and residential treatment facilities). At StepHouse Recovery Center, each of our coaches has at least five years of continuous abstinence.


StepHouse Recovery has:  


Your sober coach and companion will challenge and support you to make life changes for the better

Companionship Staff

StepHouse Recovery has the coach and companion staff to help you achieve your sobriety goals 


Your sober companion is a discreet, professional service provider. They will put your proprieties first to do everything in their power to help you avoid relapse 

24/7 Service

Sober companions spend large amounts of time with you, depending on your needs

What Does Your Sober Companion Do?

Your sober coach understands the difficulties that have prevented you from defining, joining, and remaining in healthy environments. These barriers may be internal (emotional, medical, mental, or spiritual).

There may also be external problems that prevent addicts from meeting their needs. These can include housing, employment, nutrition, socialization, and transportation.

  • Build your confidence by giving you a new experience in situations which previously led to relapse.
  • Emphasize your new success with abstinence
  • Our companions specialize with individual with multiple attempts at sobriety  
  • Help you identify areas which present roadblocks to continued abstinence 
  • Transport you to and from every location throughout the day. 
  • Ensure a drug-free environment, including hotel rooms, executive offices, studio sets or trailers, residences, personal vehicle, (etc) 
  • Help you with all the "triggers" in the world 
  • Challenge and Support you to make your daily life better in general 
  • Will do everything in their power to help you avoid relapsing 

And More...

Your StepHouse Recovery sobriety coach will help with many things, including transportation. Safe passage is assured, no matter where the client comes from. They will also help you become acclimated to your environment.

Our StepHouse Recovery Sober Coaches are the insurance policy you need to protect the investment you have made in treatment.

If you like 12-Step meetings, your coach will take you to the best meetings in your area. However, if you prefer, they can also help you avoid those meetings. Your coach will also intercede with family members and co-workers to advocate for you. They are capable of laying ground rules on your behalf. This can help ease misunderstandings.

If you need to take a quick trip out of town for work, your coach will be there to support you. Your coach will provide you the assistance you deserve to ensure your investment in yourself continues to pay dividends.

Your coach also helps explain what you’ve been through. If your children or your co-workers ask where you have been and you don’t know how to answer, your coach can aid your explanation.

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