There are many addiction myths floating around out in the world and many people, unfortunately, believe them. This is not only problematic, but it can also be dangerous! While there more myths about addiction than there are days in a year, we at StepHouse Recovery are going over five of the most common addiction myths, why they are wrong and some true facts about addiction.

Addiction potential is how quickly an addiction develops for a person from when they start using to becoming an addict. The potential for an addiction to develop varies from person to person. There is no exact formula to determine someone’s addiction potential. Some may use substances several times and not develop an addiction (it is rare but not unheard of). Others use only once and signs of addiction begin to surface.

It is not only the act using a substance or engaging in a behavior that develops an addiction (although it is a big part). Many other factors determine a person’s potential for addiction such as:

  • Genetics
  • Environmental Factors
  • Developmental Factors like family upbringing or past trauma
  • Psychological Factors like depression and anxiety

What You or Family and Friends Can Do

While no one can force an addict to go into recovery (save for a court order) they can help bring to light their addiction through carefully planned interventions. Even during recovery, supporting an addict in rehab with letters, visits (if the treatment center allows it) and encouraging them throughout the course of their recovery.

It also helps for those who play an active role in an addict’s recovery to educate themselves in addiction. There are many things for them to learn such as:

  • About the substance or behavior that is the source of the addiction
  • detox for substances and the withdrawals of stopping an addiciton
  • what entails rehab, the role a strong support system can do
  • 12-steps (if practiced) and what they entail
  • Relapse Prevention

What are the Signs that you (or someone you love) Have An Addiction?

With substance Addiction, the signs can be easy to spot. With behavioral addiction, because they do not involve drugs or alcohol may be harder to identify.

Before you start becoming paranoid that you may have a Social Media Addiction just because you check your Facebook everyday take a look at these signs of someone with an addiction:

  • Changing Relationships and more conflicts
  • Poor attendance and performance at work or school
  • Changes in sleep and energy levels
  • Loss of interest in activities you (or a loved one) previously enjoyed
  • Financial troubles
  • Facing legal problems
  • Failure to stop using or engaging
  • Higher tolerance (needing to use more of a substance or activity to get the same effect)
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms (irritability, headaches, fatigue, etc.)

Your One-Stop Resource for All Addiction Education

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