Relapse Prevention

Why is Relapse Prevention Necessary?

Relapse occurs when addictive behaviors occur again, often causing the addiction to return. However, this is a common part of the recovery process.

Addicts often struggle on the road to sobriety, and relapse is not uncommon.

Relapse prevention programs are best for those who have already gone through addiction treatment. It can be difficult to maintain sobriety while still developing a healthy lifestyle.

Relapsing is not indicative of ‘failure.’ In fact, many people going through recovery often go through several relapse cycles. Thus, a good relapse prevention program not only anticipates the occurence but factors it into treatment.

Principles of Relapse Prevention

Self-Regulation and Stabilization

Stabilization occurs after detoxifying from alcohol and drugs. Then, one can recuperate from stress and begin to rebuild their interpersonal relationships.

Stabilization brings about your ability to self-regulate thinking, feeling, memory, judgment, and behavior.

This involves establishing a daily structure with proper diet, exercise, and stress management. Regular meetings with trained personnel and self-help groups also help to manage relapses.

As the risk of relapse is highest during this period of stabilization and readjustment, it is best to be in a controlled environment.

Self-Assessment and Education

While your understanding and acceptance of yourself grow, the risk of relapse further decreases.

This is the period of time when it is important to carefully explore the situations, events, and triggers that may have led to a relapse in the past.

As you learn about what general factors cause a relapse, the ability to avoid relapsing also increases.

StepHouse Recovery’s Relapse Prevention Program

There are many other principles that are incorporated into our relapse prevention program. The most important thing for someone suffering from addiction is this: that relapse is inevitable if one takes no steps to prevent it.

At StepHouse Recovery Center, preventing addiction relapse is foundational to all of our treatments. However, we also offer it as a follow-up service and standalone treatment plan.

Our premier addiction relapse prevention program includes teaching coping skills. This allows the recovering person to identify, anticipate, and/or cope with high-risk situations that may cause a relapse.

We also teach behavioral self-management techniques and mindfulness, trying to contain a single lapse from becoming a string of multiple relapses.

If you would like to know more about our relapse prevention program, please contact us or call one of StepHouse Recovery’s friendly staff at (888) 923-7623.