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Where do you even start when looking for professional help? There are so many rehabs. Centers out there that claim to give you results and recover from addiction, but with a big price tag attached to it. Some Rehab. Centers offer like different treatment programs that makes the process to find help confusing I the first place. Luckily, today we shall learn where and how to look for inpatient rehab. Centers that care for your moral well-being, not just your money.

The Inpatient Program Rehabilitation is for individuals who require serious medical attention and supervision for some psychiatric conditions and substance abuse. The Inpatient Program is long-term treatment care which takes weeks, even months at a time. You will receive attention from many groups of professionals when being supervised and monitored for your physical and mental health. There is no flexible schedule as you will be watched and taken care for 24/7, until you recover completely.

Inpatient V.S. Out Patient Programs

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment Care- Infographic/PDF

The top main factors between the two is based on the level of care, price, time, and supervision required for the treatment. Out=patient is a lower level of care, supervision, and has a more flexible schedule for the client to work with. This means the person can go to school, have a job, and/or have a life outside of the facility and get treatment in the same time.

Though keep in mind these programs don’t suit everybody under the same conditions.

Are there Inpatient Programs based on Drugs and Alcohol Addiction?

Yes, in the same time every individual is different. Some may only have one minor addiction then the other. Don’t worry on how to decide which program is for you. To find this out you can call up the facility and explain your situation. They will be more then happy to help you find the right treatment for you.

How is Inpatient Care Like?

Instead of staying in your bed all day like in the hospital, you will be participating in several group and individual therapeutic sessions every day. During the whole time there you will be working with your therapist to help you recover from your addiction along the way.

The facility would take care of your everyday needs such as food, clothing, and other required necessities. 

You would be in a friendly environment working with professional staff and other groups of clients to work their way up to recovery. 

Individual Behavior Therapy

The most common and effective methods used in addiction treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  The way how this method works is to help identify specific triggers and responses and work with your therapist to talk about it. Leading to different ways to respond and react to these specific triggers.

Specialized Sessions

There are practices such as life-skill enhancement, anger management counseling, 12-step programs, relationship skill improvement, in some cases get-well job employment opportunities to improve a client’s function in daily life.

Black Out Period

The Black Out Period is for a certain amount of time you won’t be able to communicate with anybody outside the facility. The reason behind it is due to outside communication with the people you usually associate yourself with. Were talking about people you know who do bad habits with you. If you keep in touch with them during the treatment, then no progress will be made and in the end you will back to your bad past with drug abuse and/or alcohol.

If you or your loved one tries to reach you during this time, they won’t. This can make them worry so make sure to let them know if the facility tells you. Do this so in the future nobody won’t freak out and think you’ve been kidnapped or something terrible happened to you.

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What To Look for in a Inpatient Program?

Before you go ahead and walk in a random rehab. Center because their ad on google looked nice. You need to take some steps before thinking before you do so. This step is crucial to your recovery from addiction that got you in a deep hole. The last thing anybody wants is to be cheated out of their time, money and effort.

Know this before you start looking!

Sadly, in this world there are scam artist targeting in vulnerable people like addicts and rehab centers, including insurance out of their money and time. Check Out this link about Body Brokering and Prevention measures you can take so you or someone you love will not be their next victim.

Avoid Body Brokering – Infographic/PDF

One way Scammers used to target invulnerable people was through Google, facebook, and toll-free numbers. Anybody could make up a website and/or have a toll-free number that is targeting people who are looking for professional help. Google saw into this a temporarily paused every drug rehab. Center facility as much as possible.

If the legit drug rehab. Centers wanted to get clients through paid advertisement again, they had to be certified by Legit Script. Legit Script is provides certification in high-risk industries such as rehab. Centers.

If your local rehab. Center facility doesn’t have this badge of certification anywhere on their website. This just means they aren’t using paid ads on the internet to get new clients, but it sure is a safety net to rely on just in case.

For starters you can use SAMHSAs Facility Locator to find professional rehab treatment centers near you. SAMHSA stands for The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration whose goal is to reduce drug-related overdose deaths throughout the United States.

Click here to go to SAMHSA’s Free Facility Locater

Common Misunderstandings about Rehab. Treatment Centers

There have been times before when somebody is in a rehab. Program and runs away. What happens often is that the person’s family will blame the facility for not doing their job. But this is also another misconception about rehab. Facilities.

It Takes Both Sides to make this work

Everybody should treat the process to recovery as a relationship in our daily lives. In the end of the day, if either one person from which ever side doesn’t want to fully commit long-term into their relationship. Then the end result would just be a failure and waste of time, money, and energy. 

The left side of the equation is the person in need of professional help and guidance to recover from their addiction. Keep in mind, its up to them to make this decision. You may help them through talking to them about it. Some facilities offer help with interventions. In the end of the day, if the person isn’t fully committed, then it would not work.

The right side is the professional rehab. Facilities offering treatment to recover from addiction. But keep in mind their efforts must be based on results. Yes, it does take time. Though keep in mind there are scam artist out there that just care about your money, not you nor your well-being what-so-ever.

Rehab. treatment hold you in there like a prison

This is not true at all. Rehab. treatment centers would not lock you in your room and throw away a key. It is actually the opposite.

Remember, you called them up and asked them for help, or for someone else, also it takes two sides of the equation to make this work.

There have been incidents where the client in the program would run away and not come back. The facility would get a complaint from the clients loved ones asking why didn’t they do their job!? The thing is, that isn’t their job to hold clients like a prison guard on duty. 

The fancier the facility the better!

The answer couldn’t be further from the truth. It doesn’t matter how much it costs nor how fancy the place maybe. There have been countless individuals who participated into these fancy places, waste their time, especially money since these places are up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Questions about Inpatient Rehab. programs.

Is Inpatient treatment care affordable?

Short answer is yes, due to the help of your insurance. Facilities also take in debit/credit, cash, and offer payment plans. Ask the facility this question directly to make sure.

Why should inpatient treatment be long-term?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse states,” According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 31% of patients achieved one continuous year of abstinence after completion in a treatment program of 90 days or fewer. Over a 4-year period, 73% of clients that completed the entire continuum of care that Burning Tree provides are still sober today.”

It takes time for to get into the rabbit hole, it would require time to dig yourself out. 30 days is like a blink of an eye regarding to recovery. Though some programs are meant for short term such as detoxification.

Click here to learn more about detox


The role detox comes in is when you are going to start recovery from addiction. Detox is the first step towards recovery. Just like quitting anything in general such as junk food, candy, soda, cigarettes, and coffee. Your body would start going through withdrawal symptoms which makes you feel even worse then doing the things you were trying to quit.

The process with detox takes up to a few to 7 days. The time is different as every person reacts differently to everything. In the detox program you would be monitored and watched by professional staff just in case you need anything. They are there to watch you for your wellbeing as withdrawal symptoms take a few days but feel longer to others.

 After you successfully complete detox. Congrats you completed your first few steps towards recovery as you have a long way to go. Like earlier you have a higher chance of succeeding if you do this long-term.


Now we know what inpatient all is about and who is it for. If you don’t know what program is right for you? Simply call up the facility and explain your situation to them. To find a local facility near you use SAMHSAS Facility Locator. Remember it takes both sides of the equation to work, so make sure you and the facility center has in mind of what is best for you! Is there anything I may have missed? Feel free to comment down below.

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