It may be being around drinks for an outside barbeque, beach vacations, or even the stresses that come from the summer heat – summer often opens the door to a difficult time staying sober. Although, when you are an active user, there will always be an excuse to use during any season or occasion. With the summer getting closer, we wanted to share some important tips on maintaining sobriety for the summer months.

  • Recovery Plan: When you are dealing with recovery you can work with your therapist or sponsor to create a plan on how to approach and handle various environments that you may be subjected to, which can be difficult when maintaining your sobriety. Your plan can include such things as the most effective ways to excuse yourself from an uncomfortable situation, turn down a substance when offered, etc. Working with your therapist or sponsor to create a plan can help efficiently help you steer away from an uncomfortable situation in which you would have no idea how to handle otherwise.
  • Activities While Staying Sober: There a number of things to do while maintaining your sobriety. Consider, having an event with friends who are also in recovery. That way, substance use will not even come up, and everyone can enjoy themselves without even having to worry. There are also a number of organizations that put on events and activities for those in recovery, such as sober cruises and mixers.
  • Trigger: Working with your therapist and sponsor to understand and identify one’s triggers in order to avoid stressful situations is a key component to recovery. During the summer months, understanding your triggers can be critical when one may be more likely to engage in such situations. It is important to understand your trigger points to know how to deal with or exit from any stressful occurrence during recovery.
  • New Activity: To help take your mind off of summer’s temptations, engaging in a hobby or activity can truly help. Activities and hobbies can put your focus towards healthy recovery, while taking your mind away from being tempted to participate in substance related situations. Activities and hobbies such as going to the movies, biking, volunteering, going to the gym are all healthy things to do during the summer months.

Maintaining and Remaining Strong in Your Recovery

Maintaining one’s sobriety can become difficult when you encounter substances within an environment, but learning how to handle various situations is key. While it may require some planning with your therapist or sponsor, it is possible to have a good time during the summer months without jeopardizing one’s sobriety.

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