Letter for an Addicted Love One

Have an Addicted Loved One, but don’t know what to say? Here is a sample letter you can send to encourage your loved one to seek treatment at StepHouse Recovery.

Dear ______,

Today, I have decided to write this letter to address your addiction – and how it’s affecting our lives. I love you, but I hate that I can no longer trust you. Constant lies and broken promises keep me awake at night, wondering if you are hurt or in the hospital or in jail. I can no longer stand by and watch as your addiction devastates our lives financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I fear for your safety and where this unpredictable lifestyle will take you.

Because of this, I have chosen to seek professional help. We are not the only family going through this. You are not alone. There is still one last chance for you to get back up on your feet.

There are only two choices left:

At StepHouse Recovery, we understand that the insanity of the addict is not the crazy things they do while under the influence, but doing the same thing over and over again – and expecting a different result.

StepHouse Recovery has a team of intake counselors expecting a call from you or your loved one, prepared to answer your questions and take that first step on the road the recovery. Located in Fountain Valley, California, our center has provided quality residential rehab and psychiatric care for 9 years.

A PDF version of this letter can be found here.

  1. Accept treatment at StepHouse Recovery. As a final effort to help you, we have found a place that will treat you with respect and dignity while providing long-term structure to get your life on track. There are opportunities at StepHouse available to you that will build the foundation to sobriety. The team at StepHouse recovery is teaching me to set healthy boundaries between us. It will be difficult, but it is the best way for us to eventually reunite in a safe, healthy way. This is our last offering to you. I hope you accept it and make every second count.
  1. Continue this vicious downward spiral. I love you, but I can no longer in good conscience enable your addiction. The only support I can now give you is by giving you this opportunity to turn your life around. If you refuse, then I will have to do what I feel is best for both of us: separation. I no longer have the resources to support you, and I refuse to continue to be complicit in enabling this destructive behavior for both my safety and yours. At this point, I would rather see you in jail than watch as you continue to destroy yourself. I cannot provide any further financial assistance beyond offering treatment.

With Love,

X _______

(your name here)