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How to keep recovering from addiction during an epidemic?

One day everything was just as usual. Then all of the sudden, the whole world is going on a lockdown and going under  rules for everybody to keep their distance and limit their interaction with each other.

With this, 12 step programs no longer host meetings in person and forcely limit what they can do for their clients. Now people with addiction have to go through isolation and are limited with face-to-face interaction which can be challenging, but fighting addiction is already a challenge. 

Don’t worry, this is just another obstacle people need to go through to lead toward the path to recovery. You just need a little help that's all, so here we go and let's get started!

Here is how anybody, including you, can still receive treatment and care to fight addiction during the epidemic!

What you need:

  • Device 

  • Internet access 

  • The will to look for help


Steps of what to do:

  1. Go online and search the support group website you were in 

  2. Use your device to connect with people online

  3. Stay connected by call, facetime, text, email, and live stream online

What to keep in mind:

Remember, it's not recommended to fight addiction alone.

Yes, support groups are no longer hosting any face to face events, but you can still stay connected with others online with the resources we are gifted today.

The people in the community would love to stay connected and help you as they did before all of this mess tilt the world off balance. Check out this link by clicking here to find online groups online in California.

How to spend all of this free time?:

  • Practice Meditating

  • Read books

  • Self-educate online 

  • Help others who have been through what you have been through online 

  • Stay healthy and safe


It is extremely important when everybody is losing their heads by surprises, such as the epidemic, life throws at them that  you keep your head intact and level. 

Try to stay positive and hopeful as there are more resources that make things possible today, that wasn’t possible before.

Go reach out and connect online with those who have been in the same shoes as you did. 

Would it not hurt to spend all of this free time now for self-education or improvement? 


Online 12 step groups in California 

What do you think? Comment down below and let us know. 

Article by: Axel Morales who is a content writer at StepHouse Recovery 

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