You don’t have to look hard to find someone whose life has been damaged by the use of drugs and alcohol. Today, millions of Americans are battling substance abuse addiction, but that doesn’t have to be you. For those battling addiction: you can be drug and alcohol free. Here we have listed 10 worthy reasons to live a clean, and healthy, substance-free life:

   1. Improved Emotional and Physical Health

Whether it’s physical ailments or exposure to unsavory environments and situations, we put our health at risk when we drink or abuse substances. With long-term sobriety, the risks diminish and we can start to focus on living a cleaner and more comfortable life without the worry of recurring health complications brought on by the substances.

   2. Richer relationships

One of the biggest fears many have about getting sober is losing their old network of friends whom they may have partaken in drugs or alcohol with, and the vulnerabilities of finding new supportive people to take their place.

Getting sober gives you many opportunities to make new friends, whether it’s in rehab, at AA meetings, at the gym, or during whatever other activities take the place of drinking and taking drugs. People find that their relationships to others improves drastically after seeking help.

   3. Improved finances

If you are addicted to drugs, much of your money goes to purchasing drugs. For example, if you are addicted to heroin, you may be putting out $150 to $200 USD per day in order to support your habit. If you choose to stop your addiction, you will be able to have more money to spend on things you really want or need and will no longer have the money problems so common to drug addiction.

   4. Achieving professional success

Many people who are addicted to drugs lose their job due to absenteeism or poor productivity. Addicts cannot concentrate on their work and have a problem with assignments, deadlines and so on. If you are sincere and dedicated, you will have better job prospects and earn more money. If you halt the addictive process, you will have a better chance at getting (and keeping) a good job.

   5. Being a better parent/spouse

If one’s spouse or family members are not drug users, it is common for the relationships to be seriously damaged, or to be ended when the other person won’t tolerate the drug use anymore. If those around you are using drugs with you, then any children may be taken away. All your lives will probably go on the same downward spiral together.

   6. Avoid legal problems

Every time you buy or use drugs, you put yourself in danger. Possessing or distributing illegal drugs is a crime in all states of the U.S. Many government sources report that drug abuse violations have the highest number of arrests. Those who do abuse substances and are involved in illegal or criminal activities can face serious consequences like jail time, large fines, license suspension etc.

   7. Freedom from physical dependency

There is no better way to feel satisfaction and happiness in life than through meeting responsibility head on. Finding pleasure in taking drugs, alcohol, overeating, or having too much sex, are all signs of an unstable life.  Instead, emotional balance is built on the foundations of healthy patterns. Managing your triggers and stressors properly is an important part of keeping bad habits away.

   8. Helping your community

Once you are substance free, you can contribute to other people’s well-being. You might consider helping a community center or volunteering as a motivational speaker in group sessions. When you get into treatment, you are not only helping yourself; you are also helping your spouse, children, friends, family, colleagues, and other people in your life. Seek help and find a way to get sober today.


The past is nothing to regret. But the future is in your hands! With the right support system in place, many addicts find themselves conquering what they thought was an impossible struggle. If you or someone you love is battling substance abuse and is ready to get help, give us a call at (888) 923-7623 today to begin the journey to recovery!

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