StepHouse Recovery is based in Fountain Valley, California, and offers a full continuum of care for addiction and co-occuring mental disorders. Transitioning into sobriety requires a complete lifestyle overhaul, and our Orange County residential treatment centers, two one-on-one therapy sessions each week, sober living homes, outpatient rehab, dual diagnosis help and drug and alcohol detox programs utilize the most cutting edge and evidence-based treatment modalities in addiction and clinical treatment today. Whether you need to start fresh with a detox in Orange County, are looking for a sober living house, want to preemptively strike at relapse or need an outpatient program that coincides with your busy work or school schedule, we have offer plenty programs and options to choose from, so that your recovery journey is as tailored to your needs as possible. We offer Drug Rehab in Orange County, Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, Detox in Orange County, Addiction Treatment, 12-Step Facilitation, Sober Living in Orange County, Drug or Alcohol Intervention, Transitional Treatment, Treatment of Co-Occuring Disorders, and our newest program: Gambling Addiction Treatment. Click through to one (or all) of our following programs to learn more:

Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab Orange County provides world-class care and one-on-one therapy twice a week.

Transitional Recovery

We offer a healing process that progresses addicts from chemical dependence to life-long recovery.

Medical Drug Detox

Safely get addictive drugs out of your system under the care of a detox professional.

Dual Diagnosis

We integrate treatment for both the chemical dependency and the psychiatric disorder.

Behavioral Detox

Residential treatment center program for troubled individuals in a safe and secure setting.

Residential Treatment 

Recover in the safe environment of our Sober Living Orange County homes and residential treatment.

Alcohol Rehab 

Alcohol Rehab Orange County allows you to fully recover from alcoholism in the best way.

Eating Disorders

If you struggle with an eating disorder, we offer complete programs to help regain happiness.


If you’re visiting our website, you may be feeling confused, scared or simply want to know more about the complexity of addiction. Perhaps you would like some answers for yourself or a loved one before making any final decisions regarding a treatment plan. If that’s the case, we have you covered. If you have any questions regarding drugs, alcohol, rehab and/or the nature of addiction and more, please visit our Addiction and Mental Health Resource page before you take the next step.



Orange County Drug Rehab Center StepHouse Recovery is proud to have successfully treated and changed for the better the lives of countless addicts, whether they have gone through our residential treatment center program or simply needed some aftercare. If you want to learn more about our drug detox, alcohol detox and residential treatment center programs, you can gather a lot of valuable information from our constantly growing testimonial base.


Whether you are looking for a sober living home or need an immersive, inpatient treatment program, our Orange County Residential Treatment Program offers separate locations for both men and women in some of the best areas of Southern California. To aid in your recovery, many of our spacious homes are just minutes away from the world-renowned Orange County coastline, are within walking distance to major shopping plazas and convenience stores. All of our houses provide the comforts of home in a theraputic environment while offering 24 hour structured supervision and peer-supported networks.



Client-centered care is at the core of StepHouse Recovery’s treatment philosophy; we have helped hundreds get their lives back on track, and with the variety of treatment programs we offer, we can help you too. Our staff is foundational to the success of numerous individuals who, locally and from across the nation, have gone through our drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs, or immersed themselves in our Orange County residential treatment center homes and participated in one-on-one therapy sessions each week. The StepHouse Recovery team offers the care and expertise of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the addiction treatment field, and is made up of clinicians, counselors, admissions staff, maintenance personnel and more.


If you want to learn more about addiction, recovery, related health topics, trending news, events and more, you’ll likely want to keep up with the StepHouse Recovery blog food. We update our content on a biweekly basis, so be sure to read through our blog posts and subscribe!




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