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Please note our additional penned testimonials below—

StepHouse Recovery helped turn my best friend’s (who is like a sister to me) life around. It was hard enough to deal with the fact that she had an addiction, and it was even harder for me to figure out what the right treatment was or who I could trust to help her. I just wanted to be sure that she could get the best care possible. I had another friend’s son who was treated at StepHouse, and naturally she referred me to there. What’s great about the people here is that they put an emphasis on face-to-face connection and make you feel like a member of their own family, instead of a case number or a statistic, which was comforting and unexpected. Even the CEO of the center George Vilagut was on hand throughout all of her treatment and stay to reach out to me, personally check on her progress and answer all of the questions I had.  I also thank from the bottom of my heart Lana Richards, one was the counselors that was essential to Clarie’s recovery and is someone who she speaks of fondly and looks up to. I don’t do many reviews but I feel this one is important, especially because I hope this helps someone else who is looking for treatment for themselves or someone they love. This place can help you.

Yelp review 11/12/2014 | —Charlene E. from La Habra

My family and I chose Stephouse for my brother because it was close to our house, and we knew another person who had been treated there. After enrolling about 6 months ago, he has just been discharged and is now attending class at orange coast college and looking for a part-time job. I haven’t seen him this confident in years and we are all so proud of him. If you live in the area and need help with a drug addiction, I say come here. The staff are really nice and go out of their way to help you succeed.

Yelp Review 3/9/2015 | —Sam A. from Fountain Valley

My son went to a few IOPs – they all promised me the lines of communication would be open only to bill insurance ridiculous amounts of money and not keep me in the loop. My son ended up at Step house they have communicated the entire time the owner George has came to the rescue on weekends when issues have came up. As a parent who has seen several treatment centers I highly suggest StepHouse they actually are not just about collecting money they care about the addict and family.

Yellow Pages Review 8/14/2014 | —Connie R.

For those who are looking for a place to renew themselves, choose StepHouse Recovery! I loved the relaxed environment and structure of treatment and activities that allowed me to eventually kick the addiction, which I thought would have a hold me as long as I was alive. But because of StepHouse Recovery, I feel free and have made friends that I will keep for the rest of my life. If you think change or life without drugs and booze is impossible, you are wrong. Come here and you’ll get a new lease on life, I’m a living example of it.”

Google+ Review 12/2014 | —Katherine S.

I needed to get back to treatment after a couple of horrible relapses and came to StepHouse Recovery after a referral. I’ve been clean for a year, after regular meetings and contact with my therapists here. I’m so grateful for their help and support, which I can always count on now that I’ve been here. Before I ever feel like a relapse is going to happen again, I know I have the support of the therapists and people at StepHouse. Thank you so much.”

Emailed Testimonial 9/25/2014 | —Stacy R. from Huntington Beach

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