Rehab in Orange County

What is Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Rehabilitation, or rehab, stands for the activities of medical and/or psychotherapeutic treatment for dependency on psychoactive substances.

These substances, such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and street drugs can lead to life-threatening dependency.

Our state-of-the-art Rehab in Orange County program is designed to comprehensively address the mental, emotional and physical aspects of addiction for a successful recovery.

StepHouse Recovery Center in Orange County has one simple goal. We want to enable the person to stop addiction and substance abuse. This can help mitigate the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences of addiction.

After successfully going through a detox, it’s important that you treat the underlying psychological disorders of addiction. Developing the skills and coping mechanisms required to maintain your sobriety is also necessary.

This is why rehab is the next essential step. As a premier Rehab in Orange County center, StepHouse Recovery Center offers client-centered treatments steeped in both behavioral and clinical practices.

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Our Comprehensive Rehab Programs

Depending on the drug of choice and the severity of the chemical dependence, we offer the following comprehensive programs:

Detox Treatment

Before a client starts rehab, they will need to enroll in our detox program. Detox treatment helps the client ease through the physical changes when undergoing addiction withdrawal.

Once detox is completed and the client is cleared for recovery, they can begin their attendance of groups and therapy sessions.

Sober Living Treatment

Our sober living treatment represents a residential aspect of the rehabilitation process. Most residential treatment settings help recovering addicts develop the skills and coping mechanisms required to maintain sobriety. All of our residential living houses are gender-specific and offer 24-hour care.

IOP Treatment and Outpatient Treatment

Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment offers all the services and benefits of residential treatment. However, this also allows clients to go about their daily lives outside of rehab.

This program is ideal for clients who have obligations that prevent them from enrolling into residential treatment for rehab.

StepHouse Recovery’s Rehab Program

Our comprehensive Rehab Orange County program includes both group and individual treatment counseling sessions. This treatment plan is rooted in a real and functional environment. Without accommodating the happenings of daily life, it is impossible to create a truly long-term, drug-free lifestyle.

Our rehab treatments also have additional, personalized services to aid in meeting client-specific challenges and individualized goals. We focus on drug and alcohol addiction education and relapse prevention to build a strong foundation for clients integrating back into society.

After rehab, there is a seamless transitions into our structured living homes. This allows the individual struggling with addiction to develop a productive and healthy lifestyle at home.

Outpatient care after completion of our inpatient rehab program includes daily check-ins (for a minimum of one year) upon completion of their drug rehab treatment program.

If you or a loved one is interested in our rehabilitation programs, please contact us or call one of StepHouse Recovery’s friendly staff at (888) 923-7623.