Process Addictions

What are Process Addictions?

Process addictions involve a compulsive engagement in certain activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol.

Process addictions are also called ‘behavioral addictions.’ Gambling and sex are common process addictions.

These addictions can negatively impact a person’s life, even if they do not have the physical consequences of substance addictions.

Behavioral addictions can include activities such as sex, shopping, food, gambling, risk behaviors, video games, and social media. Even if the activity seems harmless, it can still be a serious problem.

Engaging in the activity compulsively being unable to stop without negative effects indicates an addiction.

At StepHouse Recovery Center, we offer a fully comprehensive treatment program for those struggling with process addictions.

As an experienced process addiction treatment center, we make it possible for our patients to find relief using a combination of surveillance, education, counseling, life-skills training, case management, and disciplinary procedures within a safe and secure setting.

We are committed to high-quality patient care, ensuring that patients are comfortable during their recovery process.

StepHouse Recovery wants to help people live free of behavioral addictions. This makes us the provider of choice for patients throughout California.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a behavioral addiction, please contact us or call one of StepHouse Recovery’s friendly staff at (888) 923-7623.

Process Addiction Recovery

We take the time to get to know our patient’s needs and their ongoing struggles. Stress, conflict, and emotional states vary from person to person.

Thanks to our highly knowledgeable and experienced treatment staff, we help patients throughout Orange County to overcome their process addiction.

Thus, we create a personalized treatment plan often involves first identifying unique process addiction needs. This is followed by cognitive behavioral therapy and developing healthy coping methods.

We do this in a way that clients with process addictions know how to fight their urges and deal with uncomfortable emotions directly.

A common myth among adults of all ages is believing that compulsive activity must be done every day to become an issue. This belief prevents people from getting the care they need.

Patients throughout the Orange County area come to us because they are struggling and turn to us for help.

In years past, there were few options available for process addictions. However, cognitive behavioral therapy along with our ongoing counseling has opened the door to solutions that provide the foundation for a successful and long-term recovery from process addictions.

To find out more about StepHouse Recovery Center and process addictions, call us at (888) 923-7623 and schedule a consultation.

Program Highlights Process Addictions

High Staff-To-Client Ratio

StepHouse Recovery ensures personalized attention for every one of our clients. With our high staff-to-client ratio, we provide the best quality care.

Structure Living

Upon admission, clients are given a schedule to provide structure to their residency. The program structure includes education, presentations, exercise, counseling, and behavior modification therapy. The patient will also learn healthy ways to cope with their process addiction.

Ongoing Treatment and Aftercare

Once treatment is complete, we give the patient the opportunity to attend aftercare counseling and therapy. These programs are designed to offer further support and reinforce the positive behaviors learned in treatment.

Multilevel and Systemic Care

We offer one-month, two-month, and three-month options. A 28-day to 30-day program is for those with a less serious process dependency. For patients who have been living with a process addiction for a long time, a 60-day program is very effective.

However, a 90-day program provides the best care and treatment, providing more stable footing for recovery. Other options are available depending on the individual’s needs.

Need help for process addictions? Contact us or call us at (888) 923-7623!