Comprehensive Long-Term Care

What is Comprehensive Long-Term Care?

At StepHouse Recovery, we believe long-term care, lasting 90 days or more, is the best road to recovery. Not only does long-term care help build a better foundation for sobriety, but it allows us to address all aspects of addiction — including mental health.

Our comprehensive care program allows us to treat co-occurring disorders alongside substance addictions. With an earnest focus on the patient’s health and long-term well-being, StepHouse Recovery is your one-stop shop for addiction recovery and behavioral health.

What does StepHouse Recovery offer?

All of our long-term treatment solutions include:

  • A structured transitional sober living program that includes a daily schedule of highly supervised residential care. The mind needs the time to reset and begin to replace old, deep-rooted bad habits with confident, life-affirming good habits. By introducing structure back into our patients’ lives, we enable the formation of new, healthier habits to maintain sobriety.
  • Support for GED and College-bound programs for those who want to complete and/or continue their education.
  • Career and vocational guidance to help transition back to a productive working environment and re-integrate into society.
  • Psychiatric care for co-occurring disorders. Our dual diagnosis programs, led by masters-level psychiatric staff, treat both addiction and mental health, addressing trauma and root causes of underlying issues.
  • A personal case manager to meet with each individual client and formulate a personalized plan to help lead them through their journey to recovery, based on the specific needs and treatment history of each client.
  • Transportation to and from your group and one-on-one meetings, including regular, scheduled appointments with our professional licensed psychiatrist.

Legal Assistance

StepHouse Recovery has a probation-recognized treatment program for rehab or drug treatment care tailor-made for those with legal problems as a result of their drug addiction, and who qualify as minimum risk offenders.

StepHouse Recovery experts are eager to act as an advocate on a client’s behalf — even making court appearances to explain the program and the need for recovery.

If there are pending criminal charges, be proactive! Enter the treatment setting and seek professional assistance before the arraignment hearing. If the arrest is related to chemical abuse or dependency, judges will see the positive action taken to address the problem.

We negotiate with district attorneys and/or judges to appeal for a satisfactory resolution of the case. The court will frequently allow day-for-day credit through participation in treatment at StepHouse Recovery in lieu of being held in custody.

Follow-Up Treatment and Care

StepHouse Recovery is proud to extend support beyond the active treatment phase of our program. We have a follow-up program for clients that have successfully completed our long-term care that includes:

  • Alumni association
  • Monthly follow-up meetings
  • Alumni meetings
  • Opportunities for peer leadership
  • Opportunities for service work

Why choose StepHouse Recovery?

Long-term care is a lasting investment in the patient’s health and well-being.

Long-term comprehensive care is our core competency here at StepHouse Recovery– it is what we are experts at. We have over nine years of experience working with clients suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Our focus has always been and will continue to be on comprehensive long-term care because we have seen firsthand the lasting benefits this treatment can provide.

If you want to know more about the benefits of long-term comprehensive care, please feel free to contact one of our professionals here at StepHouse Recovery to address any concerns or questions.