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“If you or a loved from is suffering from addiction and feel intimidated by the impending costs of treatment, please read on.”

Substance use disorders affect about 23 million Americans; another 68 million people engage in the risky use of drugs and alcohol that could lead to addiction. Despite these mind-boggling statistics, only 10 percent of the afflicted get the treatment they need. This is because many cannot find or afford treatment, of feel the weight of shame and stigma that often keeps them from reaching out for help. While addiction doesn’t single out any demographic, it is especially dire for those with low incomes, those who go without insurance, and those who are discriminated against due to their race or ethnicity.

The Affordable Care Act (also commonly known as ObamaCare) has really stepped up to the plate, compared to past coverage, this plan’s benefits and access to quality care have been improved and expanded treatment for all Americans, from every socio-economic walk of life.

The steady rise of opiate abuse, alcoholism and other addictions and their associated costs (of about $120 billion per year in health care spending) have forced policy makers to reconsider the fact that substance abuse and drug addiction have not always been recognized as chronic illnesses. Health care laws have put particular priority on both treatment and prevention by forcing insurers to cover drug rehabilitation and drug detox, in Orange County, and by encouraging providers to screen for potential addictions.

How Does This Benefit You?

With the cost barrier of treatment eliminated, this means that addicts can get clean and sober for the fraction of a cost. For the charge of an insurance premium, high-quality rehab and detox care (that would’ve cost thousands of dollars of treatment in the not-too-distant past) is now available to those who need it.  If you are currently uninsured, or are confused about choosing the right insurance type for your addiction treatment, fear not. Their are a number of resources available that can assist you in finding the right insurance that meets your needs.

The ACA offers many PPO insurance plans that cover the costs of many professional medical drug and alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation programs in Southern California. Orange County Residential Treatment Care, more simply known as in-house rehab, can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days and can be covered by Obamacare. StepHouse Recovery Behavioral Health Center believes in a three-phase drug rehabilitation experience that starts with live-in treatment that is followed by transitional treatment and concludes with a transition to independence.

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