Holistic Rehab Treatment

You may be feeling you have reached a dead-end on your road to recovery unsuccessfully overcoming your fight with your addiction, you may be interested in trying a completely holistic drug rehab program. Holistic rehab programs guide patients how to shield all areas of their health including mind, body and spirit. The goal of the programs are focused on treating each of these areas to help patients stop using and focus on bettering themselves. According to the philosophy behind holistic rehab treatment, all areas of your health are intertwined and when one is affected so are the others. Thus, a holistic treatment will heal each area so the patient can maintain sobriety after sobriety has been achieved.

holistic rehab treatment

Our holistic rehabilitation program offers patients the ability to improve every part of their health. Patients may take part in meditation to aid with their spiritual enlightenment, counseling sessions for psychological health, and exercise sessions for physical health. The holistic programs we offer have therapists on site to provide daily therapy sessions and the chance to take part in support groups and group therapy. As part of the program our patients may experience the following activities:

  • All-natural meal plans to improve their physical health
  • Physical activities such as biking, hiking, or walking/running along the beach
  • Meditation sessions and yoga
  • Alternative therapy such as art therapy and music therapy

Holistic drug recovery facilities typically require a minimum stay of 30 days to ensure proper treatment, allowing the patient to focus solely on recovery. Not all recovery centers are the same. Each facility offers unique recovery plans tailored to each person’s needs.

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