Five Things To Do In Addiction Rehab

Five Things To Do In Addiction Rehab

Issues of unrealistic expectations, boredom, fear of rejection and resentment from others will come up during addiction rehab, and they’ll certainly come up when you return to your daily life outside of addiction rehab. Fortunately, your time in recovery is a great opportunity to develop habits that will help you through your treatment and following you leaving rehab. Whether your recovery is going well or you’re struggling to stay on track, here are five things you can do to get the most out of your time in addiction rehab.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Addiction can be easier to battle when the patient remains optimistic about their outcome. The same is true for recovery. When patients are continuously worrying about relapse or not having faith in the process is an infallible way to undermine your efforts, so always remember to maintain a positive attitude while you’re in addiction rehab.

Keep this though in mind, “If you’re having a bad day, remind yourself of the alternative, because the worst day in recovery is better than the best day in addiction.”

At the same time, balance positivity with realism, because too much positive thinking can lead us to believe that we have more control over the world than we really do. That can cause us to forget about the skills we need to grow in order to achieve a successful sobriety. Think positively, but not blindly.

Make Friends

Think of all the times you have spent with your friends. How did it make you feel? Was it something more than just emotional? A study conducted by Dr. Sheldon Cohen, a psychology professor at Carnegie Mellon University, found that people with many friends live longer that their less social friends by 22 percent (

Good friends bar bad behavior, which can be useful during recovery, when you can be tempted to relapse or replace one bad habit with another. If you connect with other people in recovery, focus on turning those connections into friendships. They’ll be a source of support and inspiration during your program, and they’ll continue to get you through difficult times afterward.

Plan Your Post-Recovery Life

Your treatment will come to an end, and it can be disheartening to think of life without the structure and security of a recovery program. However, you’re in recovery because you want to learn how to live a full life without drugs or alcohol. Give yourself something to look forward to by writing a plan for your life after addiction rehab.

Think about what you want to do in the weeks, months and years following your program. Will you start volunteering or working a job? Do you plan to find a support group in your area? How will you respond when you’re tempted to relapse? Create a road-map for your life after recovery and give yourself a better chance of living it successfully.

Make Amends with Loved Ones

Addiction doesn’t just hurt the person using alcohol or drugs. Many friends, children and spouses have been directly affected from an addict because they couldn’t take the strain anymore. While in recovery, you may discuss all the times you hurt the people who love you. Use these recollections as an opportunity to make amends.

Asking forgiveness for past wrongdoings can preempt the process of repairing a relationship. However, that’s only true if the other person is ready and willing to forgive you. Even if you don’t get what you want, taking the necessary steps at least allows you to forgive yourself.

Have Fun

Recovery is hard work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun when you’re in addiction rehab. Taking the time to enjoy the world offers a great reminder of what a life in sobriety has to offer. When counseling and group sessions are over, take a break and enjoy yourself. At a place like StepHouse Recovery, there are plenty of recreational activities that you can enjoy.