Drug Detox Orange County
Our drug detox orange county program will help you eliminate most of the physical and emotional symptoms of a drug or alcohol withdrawal and help you safely and comfortably take control of your life.

What is Medical Drug Detox Orange County? 

Using drugs can cause mental and physical dependence over time, and medical drug detox Orange County is designed to safely move people from the influence of addictive drugs while  under the care of a detox professional. Breaking the cycle can result in withdrawal symptoms in most addicted people, and the detox process is designed to treat the immediate physical effects of stopping the drug, as well helping rid the body of the drug’s toxins. Drug Detox Orange County can be done on both an outpatient (IOP) or inpatient basis (at one of our residential treatment homes). Inpatient detoxification allows the patient to be closely monitored while speeding up the process of detoxification. Outpatient detoxification has the advantage of being less disruptive to the patient’s life and less expensive. The choice of setting depends on many factors such as the drug of abuse, amount and length of history of abuse, psychosocial issues, patient’s age, and co-existing medical and/or psychiatric conditions among many others.

Recovery is both a psychological and physical feat, but it’s the body that needs to kick-start the process – which usually requires a drug detox orange county to purge the toxic buildup of excessive drugs. A medical detoxification does more rid the body of addictive substances, however. It eases the changeover from chemical dependence to a “clean” state by cushioning the addict from acute, painful (and sometimes, fatal) withdrawal symptoms – which can include increased blood pressure, severe muscle cramping, irregular heartbeats, seizures and hallucinations.

StepHouse Recovery Center’s addiction specialists are trained to detoxify and treat a full range of substance dependencies, including (but not limited to) prescription drugs, painkillers, heroin, opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates and methamphetamines. Under our watch, we make sure that your initial step into recovery is a safe and comfortable drug detox that will arm your transition into a healthy, chemically-clean lifestyle, while staving off the possibility for relapse.

IMPORTANT: Drug detox orange county is the necessary physical step to recovering from addiction, but in order to stay clean for the long-haul, patients must undergo psychotherapy, which will help with the cravings and mental changes initially caused by drug or alcohol abuse.

Each detoxification process is unique, and depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Physical & Mental Health
  • Type of Drug(s) or Alcohol
  • Length & Frequency of Addiction
  • Substance Dosage Upon Arrival

StepHouse Recovery Center’s Drug Detox Orange County program will help you eliminate most of the physical and emotional symptoms of withdrawal and help you safely and comfortably take control of your life. We will take into account your unique needs, learn about your challenges, and develop a plan of comprehensive care for your alcohol or drug detox orange county plan, as well as the rest recovery journey. Recognizing that some clients may not be able to benefit from beginning treatment while in drug detox, clients are not required to participate in structured groups or other programming. However, if you are ready to begin substance abuse treatment and are cleared by our clinical team, we encourage you to begin attending groups and therapy sessions as well. For more information on substance specific symptoms, please call StepHouse Recovery Center and speak with one of our representatives.

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