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The goal of the program is to produce emotionally intelligent individuals who create positive relationships and take responsibility for their actions.

At StepHouse Recovery Center, we offer a residential program for troubled individuals who are struggling with their attitudes and conduct within their homes, schools or communities. These behaviors may cause pain and wreak havoc, but often they are a sign that the person needs help in dealing with stress, conflict and emotions and the choices that are made because of this struggle. However, most behavior is learned behavior, and it can be influenced and altered for the better by implementing methods from our Behavioral Modification Detox Program, which focuses on modifying both the client’s conduct and the client’s thoughts and belief system.

The goal of the program is to produce emotionally intelligent individuals who create positive relationships and take responsibility for their actions. Our behavioral intervention specialists implement a holistic approach when it comes to treating problematic behaviors and mindsets, using a combination of surveillance, education, counseling, life-skills training, case management, and disciplinary procedures within a safe and secure setting. Inappropriate behaviors are identified, targeted and stopped, while new, appropriate behaviors are developed, strengthened and maintained, so that positive and productive behavior and attitudes become foundational to every person that completes our program.

Program Highlights

  • High Staff-To-Client Ratio: To ensure personalized attention for every one of our clients.
  • Self-Renewal: Those who go through our program learn to be conscious of their own thoughts and behaviors and make positive changes to them, addressing a host of problems associated with the effects of their attitudes and conduct. Clients will learn how to improve their social skills, problem-solving abilities, critical and moral reasoning, cognitive style, self-control, impulse management and self-efficacy.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Change: Beliefs, attitudes and values affect the way a person thinks and how he or she perceives problems; this in turn effects the way he or she interacts with other people and experiences in everyday life. We use a combination of counseling, education, disciplinary procedures and positive reinforcement to help address and change the unproductive and detrimental beliefs from which the behavior originates.
  • Multi-level & Systemic Care: Our behavior modification programs take a holistic, multsystemic approach when it comes to treating unmanageable conduct and attitudes. We customize our curriculum to fit the needs and capabilities of each person enrolled, taking into account the individual’s family, living environment and community (among other essential factors) when we identify behaviors to be targeted for intervention.

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