Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, California
Our state-of-the-art alcohol rehabilitation program is designed to comprehensively address the mental, emotional and physical aspects of addiction for a successful recovery. 

After successfully going through a detox, it’s important that you treat the underlying psychological disorders of addiction while developing the skills and coping mechanisms required to maintain your sobriety – which is why alcohol rehab is the next essential step. Upon completion of our detoxification program, StepHouse Recovery Center offers three types of rehab treatments:

  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Co-Occuring Disorders Treatment

Inpatient Treatment

Considered to be the most intensive form of alcohol rehab, inpatient treatment represents a residential aspect of the alcohol rehab process. Most inpatient treatment settings help problem drinkers to develop the skills and coping mechanisms required to maintain sobriety. Other, more comprehensive, inpatient treatment centers offer clinical services designed to address the underlying causes that lead people to develop alcohol problems. This second type of inpatient rehab is often referred to as co-occurring disorders treatment, or dual diagnosis rehabilitation.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is a non residential form of alcohol rehab. Often required for problem drinkers who have had previously unsuccessful attempts at sobriety after detoxification, this level of care represents a stabilizing force for the newly sober alcoholic. In some situations, outpatient alcohol rehab can be effectively accessed after detox, but in most situations outpatient symbolizes a supportive aftercare services after residential treatment is completed.

Co-Occuring Disorders Treatment

If you struggle with alcohol-related problems, there’s a strong chance that you may also be fighting depression, anxiety, mood swings and other psychological illnesses. This overlap results what is called a dual diagnosis, or a co-occurring disorder, which both need to be treated simultaneously. For more information on co-occurring disorders, please visit our addiction and mental health resource, as well as the dual diagnosis program page.

Alcoholic Rehab: An Overview: 

  • Both group and individual treatment counseling sessions.
  • A rehab treatment plan rooted in a real and functional environment, (instead of a treatment modality so isolated from daily life that it is impossible to translate into a long-term, chemically-free lifestyle).
  • Alcohol rehab treatments with additional, extensional services to aid in meeting client-specific challenges and individualized goals.
  • A focus on alcohol addiction education and relapse prevention to build a strong foundation for clients integrating back into society.
  • Seamless transitions into our structured, transitional living homes that allow the individual struggling with addiction to a productive and healthy lifestyle back at home.
  • Outpatient care that allow clients to do daily check-ins (for a minimum of one year) upon completion of rehab treatment program.

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