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Outpatient Rehab

Addiction is a disease that must be continually monitored to maintain a life of recovery.  Meaning Outpatient Rehab Orange County doesn’t subside after attending a residential treatment program.  The Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program (IOP) is the next phase in effective alcohol and drug addiction rehab.  This level of care in offered in Orange County during convenient hours, and encourages clients to continue functioning within their communities, while participating in an intensive form of alcohol and drug treatment.  StepHouse Recovery Center offers this combination of productive and independent lifestyles meshed with frequent and intensive interventions allows clients to grow within their community and continue to progress in their addiction recovery.

StepHouse Recovery’s Outpatient Rehab Orange County Center provides services in a manner that allows the client to continue to work or pursue their academic classes and includes:

  • Continued progress in drug and alcohol outpatient rehab treatment goals
  • 12-step meetings providing structure to an ongoing addiction treatment plan and building relationships in your recovery community
  • Group Therapy
  • Relapse prevention therapy
  • Progressive treatment processes and skills based activities

Our Outpatient Rehab Program encourages clients to interact in the real-world environment on a daily basis. While still benefiting from the support of clinical intervention, assessments of the client’s progress are done regularly and the duration and type of support is managed from these assessments.  No two clients are alike, therefore no two Outpatient Rehab Programs will be the same.

We manage and implement a transition from full addiction treatment to a outpatient rehab, to a drug free residency.  Our transitional structured living homes offer a safe, extended care and alcohol and drug free setting.  This is crucial in providing individuals opportunities to put the principles learned in their outpatient rehab program into practice and an important way to become immersed in the recovering community.

For more information on this phase of addiction outpatient rehab treatment, don’t hesitate to call our trained addiction counselors toll-free at( 888) 923 7623.  They can answer any Outpatient Rehab questions you may have on your journey.


Chat with an Advisor 24 Hours a day

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    Date: August 15th, 2012

    I entered StepHouse Recovery as sick and tired of being sick and tired as anyone could be. I had 14 years sobriety and relapsed for 11 months. Now I have my sobriety back and I thank God everyday that I went to StepHouse Recovery. I was one more drink away from death and entered a quiet, shy, emotional cripple and left vibrant, full of life and hopes for the future. I have been back for Sobriety week-ends many times and leave rejoiced and refreshed. I got my one year chip at The Newport Club along with two of my friends (fellow guest) and it was like getting an Oscar. I am excited that this year I will continue to attain my sobriety chips. We are all just one drink away from insanity or death. My friend is back at StepHouse Recovery which is a Godsend and he will recover again and he will have hope and dreams again. How many chances do we get? Only God knows and it is not my desire to test him. I am blessed to have each day begin anew with each hour of sobriety things are coming together. Thank you George for your continuing friendship.


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